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The most Trashiest Pandas

10,000 unique Trash Pandas that exist on the Solana blockchain.
PRE-SALE now open

The most Trashiest Pandas


10,000 Trashy not classy Pandas

Each TrashyPanda is unique and randomly generated from over a billion different combinations. Some are rarer and trashier than others
10,000 total supply on the Solana blockchain
190+ unique traits
Minting 1 TrashyPanda costs 1 SOL + GAS
After Minting phase tradable secondary marketplaces
Owner owns all commercial rights of their TrashyPanda
Exclusive access, rewards and merch only available to holders
1000 pre sale given away for free

1000 TrashyPAndas Giveaway

We’re giving away 1000 TrashyPandas worth
1 SOL each

For a chance to win 🏆
1️⃣ Follow @trashypandasNFT on twitter
2️⃣ Retweet the pinned post
3️⃣ Join our discord server
4️⃣ Send your email and wallet using this form
We will announce the winners by email and in our discord soon after the start of the main sale
To be eligible for entry all the above conditions must be met. Winners selected at random using chainlink VRF random number generator. Winners must pay any gas fees.

Win a TrashyPanda

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Road Map



  • Website, Twitter and Discord server launches
  • 1000 TrashyPanda giveaway competition launches


  • 8,750 TrashyPandas made available to Mint from our website
  • Discord roles and community team assemble
  • Marketing ramped up

Winner Winner, Chicken dinner

  • Selecting winners for for the 1000 TrashyPanda Giveaway
  • 10 extra TrashyPandas airdropped to TrashyPanda Holders

Community Engagement Rewards

  • 10 more TrashyPandas airdropped to TrashyPanda Holders

Merch, Merch, Merch

  • Merch store opened with exclusive TrashyPanda merch.
  • Free merch to selected TrashyPanda owners
  • 20 TrashyPandas airdropped to TrashyPanda Holders

How rare?

  • How Trashy is my Panda. Full rarity trait checker live on website
  • TrashyPandas added to Secondary Markets such as Solanart & Digital Eyes

Home your Trash

  • Every TrashPanda owner will receive their own randomly generated private dumpster to home their TrashyPanda. Will you get a Legendary Dumpster?
  • Did someone say breeding?
We have tons of ideas about future features and partnerships but our focus for now is making sure we deliver everything for the launch and a making the giveaway a success.

The fate of the TrashyPandas will be decided by the community. Lets celebrate the Trashiness of it all

got questions?

What are TrashyPandas?

TrashyPandas consists of 10,000 unique TrashyPanda NFTs stored on the Solana blockchain. Each TrashyPanda is unique and randomly generated from over 195 different traits.

Why do i need TrashyPandas?

Besides allowing you to show off your trashiness to one and all, all holders of TrashyPanda NFTs will have voting rights on the future direction of the project. You also own the full rights to your TrashyPanda and long term holders will benefit from future rewards and additional NFT drops.

How were TrashyPandas created?

Trashypandas are unique and were randomly generated from over 195 different traits.

How much is a TrashyPanda?

1 TrashPanda will now cost ONLY 0.1 SOL to mint.

We want to reward and build the TrashyPanda community so we have decided to reduce the mint price from 1 SOL to 0.1 SOL.


Out of the 10,000 TrashyPandas minted

1,250 are reserved and allocated for giveaways and rewards
8750 will be available in the main sale for 0.1 SOL + GAS.

All tokens have a 4% royalty fee

Images and metadata stored on IPFS


There are 6 TrashyPanda types with over 190 different attributes, such as Backgrounds, Eyes, Mouth, Clothes, Hats and Accessories.

Some attributes are rarer than others. Keep an eye out for our Legendary Solana Panda only 10 from 10,000 will be minted.

Minting is random.

A full rarity chart will be released once the public mint has ended.

How do I purchase a TrashyPanda?

TrashPandas can be minted from the TrashyPandas website from 24 September @6pm UTC onwards.

Once the mint is complete or ended, we will list TrashyPandas on Solana secondary NFT marketplaces, like Solanart, Digital Eyes and Magic Eden.

Is there a Pre-Sale?

As we have lowered the mint price to only 0.1 SOL, we have decided to scrap the pre-sale.
Dont worry, everyone who is already on our Pre-Sale list will get a FREE TrashyPanda NFT.

How many TrashyPandas can i buy?

Unlimited TrashyPandas can be minted per address but only one per transaction.

Which wallet should I use? How can I view my TrashyPandas?

We recommend Phantom Wallet or SolFlare. To view your collection, simply click on the NFT tab in either wallet.

Are you really giving away 1000 TrashyPanda’s for FREE?

Yup, check it out here

How Trashy are you?

We're all a little trashy on the inside.

The trashy Team







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Dev Ops

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